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Martial Arts Chippenham

Welcome to Martial Arts Wiltshire. We're one of the most established family-run martial arts schools, providing martial arts classes in Chippenham since 1979.

Master Deedigan and his daughter Miss Deedigan hold black belts in Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing, making them both some of the highest trained instructors in Wiltshire.

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Our Welcome Offer to Martial Arts

We're offering children and adults, including the whole family, a free trial for the first class with us. It's an opportunity to identify if you like martial arts, your instructor, and the other students. Book a free trial now.

Martial Arts Classes Available in Chippenham

Kicking Dragons

We run martial arts classes in Chippenham for children aged 3 to 7, known as Kicking Dragons.

This martial arts class is fun, with ample opportunities to make new friends while focusing on introducing basic Taekwon-Do movements.

This allows children to develop their balance and coordination. In addition to improving their fitness skills, we develop their attention, confidence and listening skills, and the concept of stranger danger.

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Family Taekwon-Do

Another popular martial arts class we hold is Family Taekwon-Do.


This is open to families with children at least three years of age.

It's a fun way to spend time with your children to improve your family's fitness in terms of balance and coordination.


In addition, it's known to help improve your children's control, discipline and respect, which can improve their behaviour at home and school.

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Family Kickboxing

Martial arts is an umbrella term for various disciplines. One of these disciplines, in addition to Taekwon-Do, is kickboxing.

Like with Family Taekwon-Do, Family Kickboxing is a great time to spend together as a family while improving your fitness levels.

Due to the strength of a kick, these martial arts classes are open to families with children aged eight and above.

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Taekwon-Do Blue Belts + Only

This class is open to children and adults with at least a blue belt in Taekwon-Do excellence.

While we've combined multiple belts in one martial arts class, each instructor pays special attention to helping our students progress through the levels.

These classes enable students to learn more advanced techniques, such as breaking a 2-inch board and jumping kicks, allowing them to develop self-defence while improving their confidence further.

Martial Arts in Chippenham for Black Belts.HEIC

Taekwon-Do Black Belts Only

Black belts are the highest level in Taekwon-Do.

These classes are an opportunity to focus on self-development and skill refinement while keeping strong and fit.

Where We Teach Martial Arts in Chippenham, Wiltshire

The location details for our martial arts in Chippenham:

Hardenhuish School

Hardenhuish Lane


SN14 6RJ

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